Academic Performance

Do you have an academic goal?
Are you finding it difficult to commit to doing the things you need to do to reach your academic goal?
How motivated and focussed are you in reaching your academic goal?
What’s getting in the way?

There are many factors that can affect academic performance. Motivation, focus, routine, stress, fatigue are just some of factors that can affect a person’s ability to study and perform at their best. You may really want to study and do your best, you may be motivated, but the stress is affecting your ability to perform in exams. You may find yourself bored and unmotivated to study – even though deep down you really want to do your best.

There are a myriad of things that can be getting in the way of you performing at your best academically. So, the first session we have together will be devoted to exploring what is going on and pinpointing the issue at hand. It is also devoted to setting an achievable and realistic goal.

Thereafter, we will have 3 sessions together working on the specific issues at hand.

At the completion of the 3 sessions, I will also provide you with a personalised recording that you can use to maintain your performance going forward.

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