Grief and Loss

Loss is the state of being deprived of or being without something that one has had. Grief is the pain and suffering experienced after the loss has occurred.

Loss is not just the passing of a loved one or pet. Loss is also experienced with the breakdown of a marriage; with retrenchment; or with a disability, to name a few.

It is generally accepted that grief has 5 stages, being:
– denial
– anger
– bargaining
– depression
– acceptance

Whatever stage you may be experiencing right now, you are reading this as you are ready to move on. This doesn’t mean forgetting…but it may mean carrying and remembering those precious memories; or forgiving; or finding that place of acceptance without the debilitating and overwhelming feeling of grief and loss that you may be carrying with you now. It is about finding that peace with the situation that will break the bonds to you moving on.

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