Pain Management

Physically, pain is a very real feeling within your body. Pain, can be sharp, dull, chronic or specifically related to an injury or illness.

What is also becoming more accepted is that there is also a psychological or emotional component to pain. That is, that there is a mind-body connection in relation to pain.

There have been many studies showing the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in the management and reduction of pain.

Hypnotherapy in no way replaces any medical intervention and treatment. In fact, if you are reading this, you have probably already tried a myriad of other treatments for pain, with mixed results.

How can hypnotherapy help manage pain?

Pain is a sensation in your body – and focussing on the pain intensifies that sensation.

Our thoughts are powerful…and if we think we cannot control or manage our pain then that is what we will experience.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to successfully reduce the sensation of pain in a person’s body through the creation of new neural pathways. This can be achieved through a variety of techniques, including self-hypnosis which can be used to manage pain between sessions.

It has also been shown that hypnotherapy can speed the healing process for an injury by up to 20%. For best results, five sessions of hypnotherapy are recommended for the management of pain.

After my battle with a glute and sciatica related injury for 5 months, unable to pursue my passion for sprinting the whole time and train through the offseason, I saw Rajinder, hoping to be able to run through the September pre-season. With the information I had, Rajinder was able to encourage my subconscious mind to heal my body faster. She was also very effectively able to reduce the pain and inflammation of my trapped nerve. The process I went through with Rajinder was so effective that I was able to begin training before the September pre-season, whereas all the Physio’s I had been previously seeing thought I was not going to able to run until October. I was able to compete at two major competitions through the September pre-season with no pain at all or recurring injury. -S.B

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