Sports Performance

Sports people spend a lot of time training their bodies to be bigger, faster, stronger, more agile…to be in peak shape for the season. But how many train their minds to be mentally fit?

The best sportspeople in the world have their edge not just by being physically fit…but also by being mentally fit.

– Steve Hooker an Australian pole vaulter, used hypnotherapy to help him visualise success. It worked…he won gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics
– Tiger Woods has been using hypnotherapy since he was 13 to help him block out distractions and focus when on the golf course
– The Russian Olympic team took 11 hypnotists to the Melbourne Olympics in 1956
– Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobi Bryant, the entire LA Lakers team all use hypnotherapy

So…how can hypnotherapy help sports performance?
Hypnotherapy works on the mental elements of sports performance. It’s these mental elements that can make a difference to winning or losing, and include, but are not limited to:
– focus and concentration
– negative self-talk
– limiting beliefs and blocks
– confidence and self-belief
– visualisation and mental rehearsal
– getting into the zone
– enhancing team performance

After my battle with a glute and sciatica related injury for 5 months, unable to pursue my passion for sprinting the whole time and train through the offseason, I saw Rajinder, hoping to be able to run through the September pre-season. With the information I had, Rajinder was able to encourage my subconscious mind to heal my body faster. She was also very effectively able to reduce the pain and inflammation of my trapped nerve. The process I went through with Rajinder was so effective that I was able to begin training before the September pre-season, whereas all the Physio’s I had been previously seeing thought I was not going to able to run until October. I was able to compete at two major competitions through the September pre-season with no pain at all or recurring injury. Also, Rajinder was able to drastically improve my block starts technique and reaction time through hypnosis. My coach and I had been working through this for a number of months but still, we were unable to perfect them. Rajinder was able to tell my subconscious mind how to start perfectly and now my coach can only describe my starts as “sublime”. The hypnotherapy was so effective that I dropped my 100m time by 20 milliseconds. -S.B

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