Stress / Anxiety

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Everyone suffers anxiety or stress at some stage in their life. Starting a new job, an upcoming wedding, exams…these are examples of specific events that may cause anxiety or stress for a specified period of time. It is estimated that in any one year, up to 2 million Australians will suffer from some level of anxiety.

It’s when anxiety or stress is consistent and persistent, not connected to a specific event and negatively impacting your day-to-day life and functioning that anxiety is considered an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety can be classified into 3 categories:
panic attacks, heart racing, shortness of breath, flushes, heart palpitations, feeling tense and/or edgy, dry mouth, difficult sleeping
Emotional: excessive and irrational fears and thinking, worrying, catastrophising
Behavioural: avoidance of situations

Stress / Anxiety Approach
At Infinity Soul Coaching and Hypnotherapy, we take a holistic approach to managing your stress / anxiety. The debate is out on whether anxiety / stress can be completely alleviated…and to this end, I use hypnotherapy, along with other energy techniques, to help you address and manage your stress / anxiety.

The first session is generally devoted to finding out more about what is sitting behind your stress / anxiety; as well as giving you some tools and techniques to manage your stress / anxiety. If time permits, hypnotherapy is conducted to “clear house”.

In subsequent sessions, a combination of hypnotherapy and energy techniques are used.

All anxieties are different and not one person’s anxiety is the same as another’s. Treatments for stress / anxiety are tailored to each person to specifically deal with their stress / anxiety. To that end, I always suggest a minimum of 3 sessions, with further sessions only if required.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Anxiety and Stress?
Hypnotherapy accesses a person’s subconscious mind, where the triggers are sitting that causes a person’s stress / anxiety. Neural pathways have been formed over a person’s lifetime and these neural pathways automatically trigger how a person thinks, feels and behaves towards situations, people and events. In many cases, these neural pathways are triggering negative reactions, including anxiety and stress.

Hypnotherapy can be used to access the subconsious and replace these limiting and negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours with more positive ones. On top of this, relaxation and visualisation techniques are used to become aware of and understand what sits behind a person’s stress / anxiety.

Complimentary Stress release Meditation:

In these unprecedented times, I know that there are a lot of people feeling stressed and anxious, and going through some difficult times. To that end, I have put together a stress release meditation to help you manage your stress and anxiety. To obtain a free copy of this audio simply fill out your details below.

General Condition: This is designed as a stress release meditation only. This should not be listened to while driving.

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