Infinity Soul Coaching and Hypnotherapy

Hello beautiful souls…

My name is Rajinder and I am a Soul Healer and Evolvement Coach, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, QHHT Practitioner and Crystalline Consciousness Reiki Master.

I work intuitively with your soul to heal lifetimes of karma by releasing contracts, beliefs, entities, cords and any other blocks that are preventing you from being your true sovereign self. I also relay to you any insights, learnings and messages coming through for you and your soul’s learning and growth.

I offer my Soul Guidance sessions on both a person and business level. I have many clients who I have cleared not only personal blocks, but also any blocks that were affecting their business.

I offer the following services:

First and foremost, I am here to help you heal on a soul level. My Soul Coaching and Guidance Sessions, as well as my Reiki Sessions, are designed to help you shift and release your karma and past life baggage and grown on a soul level.

In regards to hypnotherapy, I work across a range of areas and use hypnotherapy either as a stand-alone modality or in conjunction with my soul healing. As a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, I believe that healing needs to go beyond just “re-programming” the subconscious to achieve change, and should encompass a holistic approach. Transpersonal hypnotherapy takes this holistic approach by encompassing and affecting change on the mind, body and soul levels.

I also offer Past Life Regression sessions and am currently completing my requirements to become a Level 2 QHHT Practitioner.

Please note: I offer face-to-face and Zoom sessions.

My offer to you …

If you are finding yourself interested or curious in what I do… and feeling drawn to what I do … but at the same time finding yourself feeling a little uncertain on just what I do and how I can help you, then contact me to set up a free 30 minute phone consultation.

In the consultation, we can have a chat about what is going on for you at present and I will take a quick look at your energy fields to see what blocks I can identify. In most cases, what you are experiencing is a physical or emotional manifestation of a deeper underlying fear or issue that exists on an energetic or subconscious level that is being presented for clearing by your soul.

If you would like to set up a time to chat, simply complete the contact form below to arrange a date and time.

For more information or to book a session, simply complete the form below OR call 0438 045 936