What is Energy Healing

We are all energetic bodies. We have energy fields surrounding our physical body as well as within our physical body. This is illustrated in the diagram below.

As depicted in the diagram below, we have seven energetic fields, or auric fields, surrounding our body. These auric fields extend some distance from our body, making it easy to mingle our energy with the energy of others. This is how we pick up on other people’s energies.

We also have energy centres within us. These are referred to as chakras. There are 7 main chakra points, and each is responsible for the effective functioning of different organs, bodily functions, emotions and meridians.

A blockage in any of the auric fields or chakras can cause physical, emotional, mental ailments as well as dis-ease.

Blocks can be caused by traumatic events, shock, the busyness of everyday life. Blocks can also be brought in from past lives. People end up at my office after trying to unsuccessfully resolve their issues through other modalities, but to no avail. For the most part, the reason that they haven’t been able to resolve their issues is because it has nothing to do with any event that has occurred in this life…it is a pattern or sabotage that they have brought in from a past life that has manifested in this life as perhaps

  • a limiting belief which drives their negative thoughts or behaviours
  • an unhelpful habit or addiction
  • extreme emotions such as anger
  • unexplained fears eg heights, snakes
  • anxiety or depression
  • an inability to achieve goals, no matter how hard you try

Energy healing techniques are used to clear these blocks and to restore balance within the energetic bodies.

I go a step further.

I heal on a deep soul level, which encompasses past life healing, karmic healing, removal of contracts and beliefs as well as removal of entities. I also heal on a multi-dimensional level, which means healing the past, present, parallel and future timelines.


My main tool is my intuition that I use to detect any blocks. I then use Multi-Dimensional Healing Techniques (of which there are a number I use), Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Soul Coaching/Counselling and EFT. No two clients are the same, and I tailor my approach to what is required at the time and also to what you are comfortable with.

I use all my techniques as part of a program of healing. Any of these techniques can also be used as standalone modalities. More information on each of my techniques and programs can be found on my PROGRAMS page.

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