Hypnotherapy – Sports Performance

“After my battle with a glute and sciatica related injury for 5 months, unable to pursue my passion for sprinting the whole time and train through the offseason, I saw Rajinder, hoping to be able to run through the September pre-season. With the information I had, Rajinder was able to encourage my subconscious mind to heal my body faster. She was also very effectively able to reduce the pain and inflammation of my trapped nerve. The process I went through with Rajinder was so effective that I was able to begin training before the September pre-season, whereas all the Physio’s I had been previously seeing thought I was not going to able to run until October. I was able to compete at two major competitions through the September pre-season with no pain at all or recurring injury. Also, Rajinder was able to drastically improve my block starts technique and reaction time through hypnosis. My coach and I had been working through this for a number of months but still, we were unable to perfect them. Rajinder was able to tell my subconscious mind how to start perfectly and now my coach can only describe my starts as “sublime”. The hypnotherapy was so effective that I dropped my 100m time by 20 milliseconds.”
        – S.B

Soul Evolvement Session

“I went to see Rajinder to help me with my anxiety around driving and she provided me with a Crystalline Consciousness Clearing healing – to remove past life baggage. I felt very comfortable, safe and trusted Rajinder with the process. I felt connected to what Rajinder was presenting to me regarding my past life experiences and felt the releasing to be invigorating, uplifting and fast. Rajinder has a nurturing, kind and caring demeanour and I felt supported and held throughout the healing. Since my visit with Rajinder I have been able to drive with more ease, feeling relaxed and back in control of the driver’s seat. I don’t think twice about getting in the car and going to appointments and to places I need to get to. In the past the anxious feeling of even thinking that I needed to drive would consume me for days. I’m still not driving on freeways but its only early days and I feel so grateful to be free to get in the car and to get to places without having to rely on public transport or people.

I couldn’t recommend Rajinder highly enough to help you remove some past life baggage that may be causing you anxiety or discomfort in your current life.”
        – R.K

Soul Evolvement Session

“I’ve been seeing Rajinder for a number of years now and she has helped me to find answers that I needed to find so that I could move forward. Today I saw Rajinder because I was feeling weighed down and bamboozled – I couldn’t see a way to sort out my mess. After my session I had an almighty feeling of being light. All the pressure and burdens were gone. My hip felt better and it felt like I was standing straight for the first time in a very long time. I’d also been having trouble with my eyes – it was like there was a haze or a veil in front of my eyes that was stopping me from seeing properly. After the session, I could see much clearer – which was a wonderful surprise.

Thank you Rajinder, you are amazing!

In all the time I have known you, you have been ready to help in any way. I can say that there aren’t many people like you and thank you for finding me and my family, Love you lots.” 
        – E.O

Soul Evolvement Session

“I went along to Rajinder feeling weighed down and stresses. After my time with her, I left feeling relief and freedom. In the nights following I had some of the best sleep I have had in a long time. Her technique will definitely play a part in the management of my future health and wellbeing.”
        – K.B

Soul Evolvement Session

“I met Rajinder during a very emotionally and mentally exhausted time in my life. Her calming presence, and very intuitive self welcomed me into her sanctuary. During my session, I was overcome with emotions and felt such a sense of peace at the end. I have returned for a second session and felt again such a sense of peace and knowing at the end.

Thank you Rajinder, you have helped me on my path to finding me again and letting go of blocks holding me back.” 
        – N.S

Hypnotherapy – Weight Loss

“As a man in my early 50s I had the typical weight gain and lack of fitness that many experience at that age. I knew I needed to do something and over the years tried joining a gym, had a personal trainer for a while and went on diets. All of these things worked for a while but never took so the weight and lack of fitness came back. I once more made excuses why I could not exercise and told myself that I ate well. After all I did not have a sweet tooth and ate balanced home cooked meals most of the time, with my only vice being a love of cheese.

Rajinder helped me to identify that the fundamental problem was that I made excuses not to exercise and looked to some food for comfort when I was stressed. I have a busy professional career and travel for work frequently. So, excuses came easy. After we identified the issue, Rajinder worked with me and used hypnotherapy to remove the blocks that stopped me from willingly and consistently exercising and stopped me from objectively looking at my diet. Since hypnotherapy I find myself looking to opportunities to do exercise, have kept a food diary accurately, and have stopped making excuses not to exercise and been accountable to myself for what and how much I ate.

It’s been three months since I commenced hypnotherapy and so far so good. This is the longest period I have stuck to any exercise program and diet. I exercise regularly, have lost 16kgs and feel fitter and stronger than I have in years. Rajinder has helped me to achieve this through listening to me, identifying what was stopping me from achieving my goal and used her skills as a hypnotherapist to help me overcome the critical block that stopped me achieving a better lifestyle for years. If this rings a bell with you, I suggest contacting Rajinder for help. I certainly will be back for help should I fall of the wagon or need help in any other aspect of my life.”
        – P.B

Soul Evolvement Session

“When I woke up this morning I thought to make contact with you, today a week on.
I have been reflecting and I really do feel better. much less blocked and the heaviness seems to have lifted.. when I rest I feel like there is less weight in my heart and my thoughts are clearer. More focused”
         – S.B

Soul Evolvement Session

Thank you Rajinder!!!
You are Amazing!!
Absolutely love your work. Have a wonderful weekend. 💖
         – R.S

Soul Evolvement Session

Thank you for all the work you put in Rajinder!
You are awesome. Keep it Up !!! 😉
         – T.K

Soul Evolvement Session

“Hello Rajinder Hope you are coping with everything ok and I thought I would give you an update. I have been surprisingly positive and unworried so far. I seem, for the time being anyway, not be phased by anything. My meditation and your influence and guidance has really helped in that regard. The negative thinking has lessened somewhat, so at the moment enjoying a relaxed life in my great new place. Although the flatmate issues are still there, i have learnt to deal with them a lot better, and not let me get them down like before.

Thanks for your help, really enjoyed and trusted your sessions. Would like another visit when things are suitable again, but all good at moment. Cheers light and comfort
        – R.B

Hypnotherapy – Virtual Gastric Band

Hi Rajinda, Thank you for your excellent ‘Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy” Course which I completed with you last month. You assisted me in commencing a weight lost program which I needed to improve my health and well-being and you enabled me to overcome mental blockages to correct my excess eating habits and set achievable goals for a return to a healthy life style. I have achieved a 9 kilogram reduction in body weight over 8 weeks and am feeling very confident to continue with my long term goal of a 25 kg weight reduction within 6 months with the help of your course and the take-away hypnotic memory stick program you provided me.

 I can recommend your course to anyone seeking weight reduction and again I thank you for launching me on my new journey to great health. Kind Regards.
        – L.S

Soul Evolvement Session

Hey Rajinder, Hell of a session we had today, had a feeling something was gonna happen but even i was not ready for such therapy amazing!! My mind still has a bit of very mild tension nothing to worry about i suppose it will wear out as the day progresses. Anyway thank you and for sure my love of mother nature goes way way back.
         – M.M

Soul Evolvement Session

Thank you so much for all the help. I’ve felt a real shift and I know I’ll be OK.
         – B.G

Soul Evolvement Session

Just wanted to touch base and thank you for your help. Just within a week, and my stomach pains have subsided, and I’m feeling a whole lot lighter and warmer 🥰💕🌻 the grounding and shielding practises are getting easier with practise, and I feel like it’s helping immensely:)

Will touch base with you again in a few weeks for another session, hopefully maybe in person..
         – N.S

Soul Evolvement Session

I turned to energy healing on a whim and after many different therapies didn’t feel long lasting. I’m so glad I did! The sessions I have had with Rajinder have turned my life around for the better. I have been able to fully move past old trauma and negativity and it has given me a sense of clam and freedom that I have always been searching for! I have also been able to clear a lot of self doubt and anxiety that have held me back in the past and been able to move forward in a positive way. Rajinder is so intuitive, caring and supportive.
         – M.J

Hypnotherapy – Virtual Gastric Band

This was a text that was sent from a client to her friends regarding her weight loss experience with VGB:

“Hi. I just wanted to share something with you. I know not everyone likes to share these kinds of things, but it has always been a struggle for me and considering I was considering having surgery for this, I’m just a little proud I’m doing it on my own! Today I hopped on the scales and got under 100kg. As a reward I pulled out the dress I wore to a friend’s wedding that was so tight I was so uncomfortable! Today I tried it on again. Was shocked at how big it was! So proud!!!

I’m grateful for the support and help from my trainer and Rajinder at Infinity Soul Coaching & Hypnotherapy, who with her hypnosis sessions of virtual gastric banding helped me curb my appetite to make this process easier. I couldn’t have done it without them. Rajinder’s sessions were great as it wasn’t only hypnosis but also consultations that also helped along the way. Sometimes a few little changes along the way add up to something bigger and better!”
         – A.P

Soul Evolvement Session

This was a text that was sent from a client to me a few hours after an Energy Healing Session: “Many thanks for today Rajinder!!! It was amazing.

You won’t believe me but after our session I had to go see my GP for blood results. She was like ‘oh wow you are laughing to my jokes again today, the last few times I saw you, you were not laughing’!!!

Thank you

Thank you”
         – J.B

Soul Evolvement Session

“Hey Rajinder, I just wanted to say a massive thank-you for today’s session, I left feeling much calmer, confident and at peace with myself. It’s literally as if you knocked some sense into my head 😂

It was an absolute pleasure meeting with you & i can’t wait to meet with you again for our next session.

Thanks again”
         – K.T

Soul Evolvement Session

“Hello I hope you are well …🤗
I wanted to text you to say thank you so much …🙏
after speaking to you I feel so happy and relaxed its like I can breathe after a very long time …
♥ god bless you… I felt the after effects like you had mentioned 🥴 and noticed a very big positive change inside me … its like all of a sudden I’m free and light 😇
Things are becoming clearer day by day. My thoughts feel more sorted. I can’t thank you enough … I will in a few weeks do another session with you.

– S.S

Soul Evolvement Session

“”I was using booze to conceal lifetimes of feelings and block out reality- to escape. Everyday for years, it felt like this big dark cloud of doom was hovering over me. My anxiety was thru the roof, I felt weak and second hand every single day. The trauma, guilt and shame was eating me alive. I just didn’t want to be here.

Rajinder is warm, attentive and incredibly intuitive- she’s spectacular. She helped me to understand my soul contract somewhat and make sense of things, to evolve. After just one session with Rajinder the magnetising urge to mindlessly hunt down a numbing glass of wine left me. I find my soul sitting in a brighter place, a place I don’t need to escape from anymore because all that stuff is gone now. And I’m OK here! A session with her felt like sending a lifetime of expired baggage off on a one way flight to the light. And now, I can live my best chapter yet.

1000% recommend🙏🏻”

– C.E