Soul Evolvement Sessions

We travel from lifetime to lifetime evolving and growing as souls. Along the way, we pick up karma – both positive and negative – that can follow us from lifetime to lifetime.

This karmic baggage that we carry may be getting in the way of our soul’s evolution.

Our soul is constantly trying to communicate with us … and you may have felt this communication for some time now. Some ways our soul’s communicate with us is through feelings and emotions we feel, physical pain we feel, situations we are experiencing (perhaps constantly) in our lives. It can show itself as:

  • Feeling stuck
  • Feeling displaced or disconnected from yourself or society
  • Phobias or fears that you cannot explain
  • Patterns of behaviour or thoughts that are unhelpful and keep repeating
  • Unresolved issues or conflict with a family member or friends
  • Physical pain or ailments even after extensive treatment
  • Emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, etc that you feel within you but cannot explain and shift.

My Soul Evolvement Sessions are one of the most popular sessions that I offer. Many people end up seeing me after years of trying conventional therapies for their issues, with little or minimal success. As I say to my clients, the reason for this is that the issue may not even be from this life time (ie it may have been carried forward from a past life) and it has manifested itself as a physical or emotional issue as a way to draw attention to it for resolution.

A Soul Evolvement Session is an intuitive session, and each session is based around what is being presented for clearing. A typical session involves tuning into your energy field to locate and release the blocks (ie karmic baggage) as well as providing guidance on how to move forward so that you can evolve on both a personal and soul level.

The types of blocks that I look for include:

  • Contracts
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Negative emotional energies
  • Entities
  • Cords / attachments to other people

There is no set number of sessions for this type of work; it is dependent on what you feel you would like to resolve and how far you would like to go on your healing journey. Having said that, working through this process over a period of time and at your own pace will help you move towards your true essence, as this process is designed to strip back the layers of who you are not to find who you truly are.

What difference can a Soul Evolvement Session Make

Everybody’s journey is different … and we all grow and evolve at our own pace. Below are some words from a beautiful client and her experience from just 1 session, to highlight the impact a Soul Evolvement session can make:

I was using booze to conceal lifetimes of feelings and block out reality- to escape.

Everyday for years, it felt like this big dark cloud of doom was hovering over me. My anxiety was thru the roof, I felt weak and second hand every single day. The trauma, guilt and shame was eating me alive. I just didn’t want to be here.

Rajinder is warm, attentive and incredibly intuitive- she’s spectacular.

She helped me to understand my soul contract somewhat and make sense of things, to evolve.

After just one session with Rajinder the magnetising urge to mindlessly hunt down a numbing glass of wine left me. I find my soul sitting in a brighter place, a place I don’t need to escape from anymore because all that stuff is gone now. And I’m OK here!

A session with her felt like sending a lifetime of expired baggage off on a one way flight to the light. 

And now, I can live my best chapter yet.

1000% recommend 🙏🏻” -C.E

Sessions can be conducted face-to-face OR over Zoom.

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