Protecting your Energy Fields

We are all energetic bodies. We have energy fields surrounding our physical body as well as within our physical body.

We have several energetic fields, or auric fields, around our body. Some people refer to the energy field around our body as our aura, but in actual fact, we have seven energetic fields surrounding our physical body.

We also have energy centres within us; referred to as chakras. There are 7 main chakra points, and each is responsible for the effective functioning of different organs, bodily functions, emotions and meridians.

The auric fields around our physical body extend out many metres from our body. So, when we are interacting with other people, what does this mean for our auric field?

In a nutshell, it means that our auric field is intermingling with their energy. Have you ever had any interactions with someone and come away from that interaction feeling meh (a technical term used to describe a negative feeling such as sad, angry, agitated, depressed, etc)? Or drained of energy?

The reason for this is that you have picked up someone else’s energy and are feeling their feelings and emotions. Imagine the energy that is swirling around in a shopping centre! If you do not protect your energy, who knows whose energy you may come home with and how this will affect you emotionally for the rest of the day.

This is the reason why I stress to my clients that it is important to always protect your energy. You do not want to be walking around with someone else’s energy, feeling the way they do. You do not want people draining you of your positive energy and leaving you feeling tired, deflated and possibly depressed. Your energy is sovereign and should be protected. You will find that protecting your energy will also help you stay more levelled emotionally and mentally.

So…how do we protect our energy fields?

The most effective way is to place yourself in a protective white light bubble every day. This is best done in the morning before you leave the house, to ensure that your protections are up. You can also reinforce or strengthen your bubble during the day…which is especially important to do when you are first starting out with this process or if you find yourself having a particularly challenging day.

Intention is the key ingredient to the success of your bubble. There are a few variations on how to call in your protection bubble, but the one that I use is as follows:

Step 1: Sit somewhere quite, close your eyes, and take some long, deep breaths. You can use the 7-11 breathing method for this.

Step 2: Use your intention to visualise / intend for a white light protection bubble to fully encompass you and your auric fields. Intend for it to be from the purest part of the Universe. Once you feel it has encompassed you fully, ensure it is tightly sealed.

If you wish to make your protection bubble stronger, then you can intend for it to be something more solid, such as steel or titanium. Use this option for challenging days; challenging people and challenging situations.

Step 3: If you feel or sense that you need to surround your protection bubble with different colours, then you can intend for those colours to encircle your protection bubble. Two of the most powerful colours energetically are violet and gold (the colours of my logo), but you can call in any colour that you feel you need for the day (except black or dark grey as these colours attract negative energies).

Another way that you can pick up negative energy is through other people’s thought forms. Thoughts are also energy, and anyone having a negative thought about you, or feeling a negative emotion towards you, is actually sending negativity energy your way; even though they may not be aware they are doing this. An example of this is if someone is jealous of you, and is projecting that jealousy towards you through their thoughts or words. What they are actually doing is sending that negative energy your way, to be absorbed by your auric fields, leaving you feeling, well, meh. This is also true when people “curse” other people; or “wish” for something to happen to someone else. This is why it is SO important to ALWAYS be careful with your own thoughts and words.

Step 4: To protect against other people’s thought forms, you can intend for full-length mirrors to surround your protection bubble (ensuring that again these are tightly sealed top and bottom). Ensure that you intend for the mirrors to face outwards, and, most importantly, intend that any of these negative energies are directed to the Universe. Never re-send these negative energies back to the person sending them to you…but you can send them back to that person’s higher self.

This process may seem time consuming to do, but it really isn’t. My son does this in the car each morning on the way to school! At first, you may want to make some time each day to ensure that you get the process right. However, the more you do this, the quicker it will become for you to call in your protection bubble, and the stronger that bubble will become.

Update: Since writing this blog, I have come across a more effective protection shield called the triple layer sphere of impenetrable protection. This is what I use for myself and what I use to shield my clients and the work that I do.

You can use the above process to call it in, replacing the white light protection bubble with the triple layer sphere of impenetrable protection instead.

Should you wish to learn more about grounding and protecting yourself, there is a free masterclass you can sign up for by the gal that downloaded this protection sphere. The link for this is

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