Invalidation Restricts Your Heart Space

Recently I came down with the respiratory virus that has been going around … and I was sick … sicker than I have ever been.

A beautiful lass in LA who I have been doing some work with offered to do a clearing on me, and wow, what a clearing it was. She was able to not only communicate with the pathogen, but understand that it was sick of making people sick, and wanted to be sent back to Source to be transmuted back to light. And, so she did just that.

As I am writing this, it occurred to me that she validated this pathogen. And that is what this blog is about – invalidation.

One of the things that this beautiful lass was able to see during the clearing was my soul matrix, and part of that soul matrix is a beautiful emerald dragon (benevolent) within my heart space. This dragon was small and chained and wants to be free as it has been held back and confined, and therefore cannot expand and bloom.

And … who is confining this dragon and my heart space ? Welllllll …. me. I am doing this to myself and I wanted to understand why so that I could do the release work. So, I asked for clarity around this from my Guides of Light and this is what came through.

Stop invalidating yourself and others. Invalidation chains people down and locks them into a certain way of being and thinking. It doesn’t allow expansion of the heart or mind. So, validate yourself and others and see how people/yourself grow and flourish.

Invalidating a person can also put you into conflict with a person or yourself ie if they fight back or disagree. This is low vibrational and frankly, vampiric energy.

I asked … how is it vampiric? Because the conflict can result in another wanting your validation and trying to ‘suck’ it from you via fighting.

If you don’t agree with something or someone, allow the difference to stand respectfully and don’t engage in conflict over it.

Invalidation is also a form of control. Trying to control how a person thinks, feels, acts, overrides their free will.

So, if you feel you sit in invalidation of yourself and/or others, then maybe it is time to look at and release what is behind this.

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